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Premier ‘Goes Hollywood’ With Cinemavision Goggles

Premier MRI/CT recently went Hollywood and started offering  CinemaVision goggles to patients undergoing MRI.

Patients with anxiety or claustrophobia now can rest easier when having an MRI performed at Premier, the only freestanding imaging center in metro Detroit to offer this comfort. The addition of the CinemaVision Goggle System allows any patient to view a movie or television program or listen to music during his procedure, eliminating noise and a confining view that can be stressful.

Jeff Pearson, technician, Premier MRI/CT, says, “Watching a movie through the lightweight goggles allows the patient to take his or her mind off of the procedure, and the headphones help drown out the noises of the machine.” This allows the patient to remain calm and still, providing a more successful scan.

Alleviating nervousness means many patients don’t need sedation, and reduced restlessness results in more precise, higher quality scans. The system allows two-way communication between the patient and technician, and the patient can see and hear the tech each time a new phase of the scan is performed.

According to patient Debra Davis-Brame of Roseville, it was comforting to know the imaging technician was in constant touch during her scan. “Whenever the MRI tech was going to be doing something new, she would pause the video and let me know. Not only could I hear her, but I could see her through the goggles, as well,” she said.

Many patients report the goggles help them feel far more comfortable and relaxed than they expected. “I have always felt anxious whenever I’ve had an MRI,” added Davis-Brame. “With the CinemaVision goggles, I had such a wonderful experience that I almost fell asleep.”

Premier MRI/CT is the only non-hospital imaging facility to offer CinemaVision goggles to its patients. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call toll-free 1-888-MRI-4-NOW (888-674-4669) or through the Make an Appointment tab above.

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